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Night of Commencement TBD
Location TBD
11 p.m. to 5 a.m.
I understand my behavior will ensure the success of the Senior All-Night Party (SANP) and will continue the legacy from the classes of past to all underclassmen at Howell High School.

1. I must arrive and sign in beginning at 11:00 p.m. on graduation night and no later than midnight.  Student I.D. will be required upon arrival.
2. If I have not checked into the party by midnight, my parent(s) will be notified.
3. I am to stay in the building for the duration of the party and will not leave before 5 a.m. unless alternative arrangements have been made in advance by my parent(s).
4. Items I bring in are subject to inspection, i.e.:  jackets, purses, etc.  These items will be held safely at check-in until I leave the party.
5. I may keep my cell phone with me to use responsibly.
6. I understand that law enforcement and my parent(s) will be notified if I am found to be in possession of illegal substances or under the influence.
7. If any chemical substance impairs me, my parent(s) will be notified to come and pick me up from the party.  (I will not be allowed to leave on my own or with a friend).
8. I will not bring any food or beverages with me to the party.  (There will be plenty of both.)
9. I will make the SANP coordinators aware of any medical needs that I have at the time of application
10. I agree to release my information from the school.
11. To attend the SANP I will complete and submit this form by June 1, 2018, any questions call Julie Laupp (517) 974-5466.

Wearing gym shoes and carpooling to this event is smart!

    Are you interested in signing up for the Lip Sync Battle:
    This activity is limited to 10 individuals. If more than 10 people sign up a random lottery will determine participants. Prizes will be given for 1st and 2nd place winners! Songs will be determined by random lottery draw the night of the event. For more information, please email Beth Senecal at (required)
    Yes, I am interestedNo, I am not interested